Photography and an exceptional Artist – it doesn’t matter who encountered whom first during the life journey. 


Angelika is a photographer based in Warsaw, but her art doesn’t end there. The world of moments captured in her frames is „tenderness”, which is synonymous to self-love. But it goes beyond that. In her work, the artist tries to direct „tenderness” to every being. When telling their stories and reaching for the beauty of photography, she knows how to build trust between her and the person who stands on the other side of the lens. In her life, taking photos is not only an expression of passion, but also of empathy – both allowing her to speak with her own voice.


When watching Angelika’s projects, you will very quickly feel unique emotions. The artist focuses on non-obvious themes that give food for thought. Her works lies on the border of the thin line between art and activism. They normalize, educate and break taboos. The artist wholeheartedly supports activities for equality and the fight for human rights. She assumes that real art arises when we live in harmony with ourselves – where the soul and the heart beat in the same rhythm. Having this harmony in mind, it is also worth considering the nature shown in the photos – the feminine one, whose individuality and gentleness are enclosed in every body. Body, so often underestimated or unnoticed in the modern times of unrealistic beauty standards and fabricated needs. The photographs taken by Angelika are therefore a counter voice to these trends – her images show the world as it is. Each session is given a unique feature, and the resulting works are distinguished by a close relationship with the body, polemics with art, which will be captured in the artist’s frames forever.


The moments captured by her photography are an expression of freedom. Like the wind, the photographer changes, travels and tries to live her life to the full. She is wherever she wants to be and wherever her senses guide her.

Ciałopozytywna fotografia autorska